Chumba Casino 2024 Bonuses & Review

Chumba Casino is a free-to-join licensed online social casino that adheres to the promotional sweepstakes model. Sign up with Chumba today and get $30 of Gold Coins for only $10, plus FREE Sweeps Coins. You do not need to enter a Chumba Casino bonus code to be eligible.

It is owned and operated by Virtual Gaming Worlds (VGW) Malta, Limited. The same company also owns and operates the sister site, Global Poker.

Chumba Casino is a legal website that is open to players in almost every US state, Virginia included. It is fully compliant with the applicable laws in the jurisdictions it serves. Therefore, it provides a viable legal alternative to traditional online casinos in those jurisdictions.

What is Great About Chumba Casino
  • No Purchase Bonus: Gold Coins, plus FREE Sweeps Coins
  • First Purchase Offer: Gold Coins, plus FREE Sweeps Coins
  • Legal in nearly every state, including Virginia
  • Very easy to navigate site
Chumba Casino Rating
  • Bonus:
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Chumba Casino sign-up bonus

As soon as you sign up as a new player at Chumba and your email address is verified, you will receive the following no purchase welcome offer:

  • Gold Coins
  • FREE Sweeps Coins

If you decide to make a purchase, you’ll get Gold Coins, plus FREE Sweeps Coins for $10. Normally this would cost you $30.

Chumba Casino promo code 2024

Chumba Promo Code
First Purchase Offer$30 of Gold Coins for $10 + FREE Sweeps Coins
No Purchase Bonus Gold Coins + FREE Sweeps Coins
Last UpdatedJune 2024

What is Chumba Casino?

One of the key differences between Chumba’s social casino and actual online casinos is that to play at Chumba, you do not need to make any purchases. Instead, simply for registering with Chumba, which is completely free, you receive virtual tokens in the form of Gold Coins, that you can only use to play on the site. You cannot trade them, transfer them, or receive cash prize redemptions for them.

At the same time, you also receive  FREE Sweeps Coins, that you can use to play on the site as well. Unlike the Gold Coins, once you accumulate enough Sweeps Coins, they can be redeemed for cash prizes.

There are several ways in which you can obtain additional Sweeps Coins. They include all of the following:

  • Logging into your account to claim as part of your daily bonus
  • Purchasing more Gold Coins, which sometimes leads to FREE Sweeps Coins
  • Participating in free Facebook competitions that award FREE Gold Coins to the winners (and you may often win FREE Sweeps Coins too!)
  • Requesting more FREE Sweeps Coins in a letter
  • Playing Sweeps Coins games and winning more Sweeps Coins

How to join Chumba Casino Virginia

Anyone 21 years of age or older and located in Virginia can open an account at Chumba Casino. If you meet those requirements and are not yet enrolled but would like to join, here are the steps you need to follow:

Before you can start playing at Chumba Casino, you will need to create an account. You can do so by filling out the short form on either the Chumba website. Chumba Casino will need your first and last name, email address, and password, and you must also confirm your eligibility by agreeing to the terms and conditions on the form.

As soon as you receive an email confirming that your account has been accepted, you will receive your special welcome offer and can start playing at Chumba Casino. The whole process should only take a few minutes.

Loyalty rewards and other promotions

Unfortunately, Chumba Casino does not offer a loyalty rewards program. Also, while high-level players are welcome, the site does not offer a VIP program with enhanced benefits.

However, here are some special promotions you can take advantage of as a registered Chumba Casino player.

Daily Bonus

Login to use your daily bonus. When the screen pops up for you to claim your bonus, click the “Claim” button.” You can only claim this bonus once per day.

Free Facebook competitions 

Chumba Casino has discontinued its Facebook app. However, the casino does offer Sweeps Coins giveaways in regular competitions on its Facebook page.

Typically, each competition will have 10 winners. The social casino will select the winners randomly from all those who have shared the Facebook page posts or answered a certain question correctly. Their prize is a certain number of Sweeps Coins.

Handwritten letter to request FREE Sweeps Coins

Another way to receive FREE Sweeps Coins is simply to write to Chumba Casino and request them.

Chumba social casino features

One advantage that a social casino like this one offers is that finding the game you want to play is very easy. All of the games are displayed in the lobby and conveniently organized by category. No downloading of software is required if you wish to play online. Alternatively, all of the games are also compatible with currently used Apple iOS and Android devices, and you can access them immediately through your browser without downloading an app.

Naturally, before deciding to play at any online casino, including a social casino such as Chumba Casino, you should have some assurance that the site is safe and secure and that the games are fair. Chumba Casino is licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority, which is a reputable and trustworthy organization. In addition, Gaming Labs International (GLI) audits all of the Chumba Casino games to ensure fairness.

What could be improved?

On the other hand, it is disappointing to find that none of the brief descriptions of the games mention the game’s return to player (RTP) rate. While for blackjack, roulette, and video poker, you can estimate the RTP reasonably accurately simply from knowing the rules of the game, with slots, unless you are specifically told, you are in the dark.

Even a fraction of a percentage difference is potentially significant for those who play frequently and/or for extended periods. Especially for players with limited bankrolls, limiting play to the best returning games is strongly recommended.

Chumba casino app

Chumba Casino games can be played either on your desktop or on supported mobile devices.

For your convenience, all of the games are instantly accessible on mobile devices, with no downloading of apps required. Since all of the games use HTML5 software, simply use the web browser on your device to visit the Chumba Casino home page. The software is compatible with all currently used Apple iOS devices (iPhones and iPads), and all currently used Android phones and tablets.

Chumba online social casino games 

If you are looking for a specific game you have played elsewhere or you want to check out the offerings from one of the top online games manufacturers such as NetEnt or IGT, you won’t find any at Chumba.

Most of the game offerings are proprietary games developed in-house by Chumba’s own designers and developers. In other words, they appear exclusively at Chumba Casino, and you will not be able to play them anywhere else. The rest come from third-party service providers you have probably never heard of.

As of this writing, Chumba Casino is home to over 80 games, the overwhelming majority of which are slots. The only other games consist of one blackjack game, one video poker game (Jacks or Better), and two versions of American Roulette.

The good news is that the site is reportedly adding new games monthly.

Types of games

Here is some additional information that can help you decide which of the Chumba Casino games might be a good fit for you.

Slots at Chumba

As of this writing, all but four of the 80+ games that Chumba Casino offers are slots.

Everything from classic old school three-reel slots with just five paylines to the more common five-reel video slots with 20, 25, 30, 40, or 50 paylines and even specially configured slots with 243 or more ways to win are represented. Some slots even offer a chance for a six-figure or higher progressive jackpot. On a couple of occasions, Chumba’s Grand Fireshot Jackpot has paid out cash prize redemptions of over $1 million.

Kudos to the designers for giving the slots such intriguing names. But, more importantly, most of these games come packed with extra features slot players love, like wild and expanding wild symbols, scatter symbols, multipliers, and exciting bonus rounds with free spins or mystery prize pick‘em games.

Are you fascinated by ancient history or mythology? If so, Nefertiti’s Gold and Pharaoh’s Return will take you all the way back in time to ancient Egypt, while Aztec’s Wealth and Mayan Deity will give you a taste of an ancient Mexican civilization. And Legend of 9 Suns, with an ancient China theme, comes with a maximum win of SC240,000.

If you’re into Greek mythology, check out Medusa’s Golden Gaze and King of Gods.

Or maybe you would prefer animal-themed slots like Diamond Panther, Wild Jungle, Stampede Fury with 243 ways to win, or The Big Goreela with 576 ways to win? Stampede Fury shares a mini, minor, major, and Grand Fireshot Jackpot with Reelin n’ Rockin while The Big Goreela comes with its own minor, major, and Grand Jackpot.

You’ll feel like a kid again playing Santa’s Riches with expanding Santa wild symbols and Hansel & Gretel, a 1,024-ways-to-win game, where the object is to bump the witch into the oven.

Or if you enjoy slots with a festive party vibe, check out Chilli Mama’sRio Revelry (with a maximum win of SC150,000), and the even wilder Buster Hammer Carnival with 3,125 ways to win but capable of expanding to a 5×8 layout with 32,768 ways to win.

Progressive jackpot slots

As mentioned, Chumba Casino offers multiple slots with progressive jackpots. Two new games worth highlighting are Dancing Gold and Stallion Grand. They have 50 paylines and feature a shared Fireshot Inferno Progressive Jackpot seeded at SC250,000 along with a mini, minor, and major jackpot.

Other Fireshot Jackpot games include Stampede Fury and Reelin n’ Rocking (that share the same jackpots) and Triple Double Fever (a three-reel slot with a disco theme).

Bombshell Jackpots is unique, however, because this 720-ways-to-win slot can award more than one jackpot simultaneously.

Western Gold, a 50-line slot, features Chumba Casino’s largest Progressive Grand Jackpot to date, seeded at SC300,000.


The social casino only offers one blackjack game. Unfortunately, the rules are not clearly stated on the website, so the only way to know for sure is to play.

Based on the photo, the game is most likely played with a single deck. Many single deck blackjack games, particularly low stakes games, only pay 6:5 on a blackjack rather than 3:2. The rules do not state which of those rules applies at Chumba Casino.

You can only double down on a starting hand of nine, ten, or 11. Splitting and resplitting of pairs is allowed, and you are even allowed to split pairs (but presumably not aces) up to four times. However, there is no mention of being allowed to double down after splits.

By the way, taking insurance when the dealer shows an ace is permitted, but surrendering a bad hand is not.

No information is provided on whether or not the deck is reshuffled after each hand. If it is, trying to gain an advantage by card counting would be impossible.

In any case, the section of the website on blackjack strategy includes advice that is contrary to the recommended mathematically-based basic strategy for blackjack. The website states that “it’s a good idea to try different strategies and figure out what kind of play works for you.” It is not. It can be very costly to your bankroll in the long run.

The website also advises you to always hit a hard 12. The correct basic strategy is to stand on any total of hard 12 or higher when the dealer’s up-card is a four, five, or six.

Video poker

If video poker is one of your go-to games, you probably know that it comes in many different varieties, some of which are more favorable to the player than others. Chumba Casino only offers one form of video poker, Jacks or Better.

If you plan to play this game, it is important to know that a full house only returns 7x your play, and a flush only returns 5x your play. In comparison, you would receive 9x your play and 6x your play for the same two hands, respectively, in a 9-6 game. The difference is reflected in the RTP. The Chumba Casino version of Jacks or Better has an RTP of 96.15 %, whereas a full-pay Jacks or Better game has an RTP of 99.54 %.


Chumba Casino also offers two variations of American Roulette. The game called American Roulette X2 includes a multiplier feature that gives you a chance to collect double rewards on winning spins.

However, both of these games are American Roulette, which includes both a single and a double zero on the wheel, as compared to European Roulette, which only uses a single zero. Because of this difference, when you play American Roulette you face a significantly higher house edge of 5.26%  vs. just a 2.7% house edge on European Roulette.

Banking options at 

This section will describe the various options that Chumba Casino offers for making purchases to fund your play and for redeeming your winnings from playing Sweeps Coins games for cash prize redemptions.


At Chumba Casino, instead of making real money deposits to fund your account for playing purposes, you are given the opportunity to purchase virtual tokens in the form of Gold Coins.

You can use any of the following methods to make these purchases:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Skrill
  • ACH
  • Rapid transfer

PayPal is not currently an option that Chumba Casino accepts.

You can only purchase Gold Coins, not Sweeps Coins

As we mentioned earlier, Gold Coins have no monetary value. They cannot be used outside of Chumba Casino, and you cannot redeem them for cash prize redemptions either.

However, your Gold Coins are far from useless. That’s because with some of your Gold Coins purchases, Chumba will provide you with FREE Sweeps Coins. You cannot purchase Sweeps Coins directly, but like Gold Coins, you can use them to play your favorite casino-like games, and unlike Gold Coins, you can redeem the winnings from your Sweeps Coins play for cash prize redemptions.


When you are ready to redeem your Sweeps Coins winnings for the first time, before Chumba Casino can process your request, it will conduct a mandatory check of your identity, age, and residential address. This is in accordance with the social casino’s KYC policy. You will need to furnish the following documents:

  • Photo ID: Driver’s license, state or national ID card, or passport
  • Proof of address: Utility bill or bank statement dated within the last six months showing your current address
  • Verification of account ownership

You need to show that you own the bank account where you would like Chumba Casino to credit the cash prize redemptions due to you when you redeem your Sweeps Coins winnings. Therefore, you must submit a copy of a bank statement dated within the last six months showing that the account is in your name.

The minimum number of Sweeps Coins that you can redeem in one transaction is 50.  There is no stated maximum.

Once the verification process has been completed, Chumba Casino has shortened the waiting time for processing redemption requests. Most requests are now processed within 48 hours. However, depending on the method being used to route your cash prize redemptions, allow for a couple of extra days for it to be credited to your account. Check with the Chumba Casino website as to which options it currently offers for having your cash prize redemptions sent to you.

Chumba casino customer support

The Chumba Casino website contains an extensive FAQ section that covers many of the topics of concern to you as a player. Simply click on the “About” tab at the top of the website.

If you need additional assistance, send an email stating your question or issue on the form provided. Chumba Casino does not offer live chat support.

Is Chumba casino safe?

Chumba Casino is a legal social casino that offers a viable alternative to traditional online casinos in those jurisdictions where the latter is not permitted, but online social casinos that adhere to a promotional sweepstakes format are. In number and variety of games, the information about the games given on the website, and special promotions and rewards for frequent and higher level players, Chumba Casino needs to improve. However, the existing games appear to be well designed, fun to play, and offer you a fair chance to win.

History of Chumba Casino

Chumba Casino was established in 2017. It is owned and operated by VGW Malta Limited and licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, as is Chumba Casino’s sister site, Global Poker.

Because Chumba Casino meets the definition of a social casino rather than a traditional casino, it is legal even in some jurisdictions where traditional online casino gambling is not. You do not deposit real money to use for gambling purposes but instead purchase Gold Coins, which essentially serve as play money.

In order to redeem your winnings for cash prize redemptions, you need to play with Sweeps Coins. However, because you cannot ever purchase Sweeps Coins but instead receive them free as a bonus, it is not considered gambling.