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Sign up at Hard Rock Bet Sportsbook Today!
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Hard Rock Bet Sportsbook Review
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Hard Rock Bet Sportsbook is somewhat of a new kid on the sports betting block, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a quality option in the Virginia sports betting market. Sign up with Hard Rock Sportsbook and your first bet is covered for up to $100. You do not need a Hard Rock Bet bonus code to claim this offer.

The operator utilizes Scientific Games’ OpenSports platform, delivering a quality user experience across desktop and mobile devices. What’s more, users can download the sportsbook app and place bets from wherever they are in Virginia.

This review will take a look at Hard Rock Online Sportsbook’s strengths and weaknesses. We’ll go over the site’s key aspects and how they might work for you.

Why Choose Hard Rock Bet Sportsbook in Virginia
  • Welcome Bonus: First bet insurance up to $100
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Hard Rock Bet Virginia promo code & sign-up bonus

Sign up with Hard Rock Bet Sportsbook Virginia in July and you’ll be eligible for the first bet insurance welcome bonus. The bonus is worth up to $100 and you do not need a Hard Rock bonus code to claim it. Lose your opening wager of $10 or more and Hard Rock Bet refunds your losses in the form of a bonus bet for up to the maximum limit.

Hard Rock Bet Virginia Promo CodeClick to claim promo 
Welcome BonusFirst bet insurance up to $100
Promo Code Valid InJuly 2024

Terms and conditions apply to all offers. Please see Hard Rock Bet Sportsbook Virginia for details. 21+ Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER+ 

Signing up for a new Hard Rock Bet Virginia account

Creating an account at Hard Rock Bet Sportsbook Virginia should be one of the easier things you’ll do all day. It is pretty much the same as signing up for any website or social media account, the only difference being you’ll need to enter the last four digits of your Social Security number during the process.

Other than that, the information you’ll need to get started is your full name, home address, phone number, email address and date of birth, and you must have the geolocation on the device you’re using switched on. Location tracking is necessary to confirm you are located in Virginia, while your Social Security number is used to confirm your identity.

After entering all your information, you’ll need to create a password, too.

Hard Rock has a sportsbook app for both Android and iPhone / iPad. It is free to download and will allow you to make bets anywhere you go within the state.

Other Hard Rock promotions and bonus offers

Hard Rock Sportsbook starts rewarding you as soon as you make your first bet. If that bet loses you receive a bonus bet refund up to the $100 limit.

You’ll want to check out the Rock Rock Bet Virginia promotions page for the current bonuses and specials that the sportsbooks has going on throughout the year.

Is Hard Rock sports betting legal?

Yes. The Hard Rock Sportsbook is legal in Virginia. Virginia sports betting as a whole was legalized in the first half of 2020 in Virginia, with online sportsbooks and sports betting apps set to start going live by early 2021.

Virginia gambling law allows for a minimum of four sportsbooks and no more than 12 sportsbooks operating at any one time.

A few other notes to be aware of when it comes to sports betting in Virginia. Betting on NCAAB and NCAAF is allowed, but betting on Virginia college teams is not. So, unfortunately, that means you won’t be able to make any bets on Virginia Cavaliers basketball games or Virginia Tech Hokies football games, for example, in the foreseeable future.

Additionally, while there are as yet no retail sportsbooks, Virginia gambling law allows for casino referendums in November 2020 in five communities in the state. And sportsbooks would be allowed at those casinos, though online books are still set to arrive well before retail.

Lastly, there is the opportunity for a retail sportsbook to open up at a pro sports venue if one is built in the future. Common belief is the rule is an attempt to get the NFL’s Washington Football Team and its owner Daniel Snyder to build a new stadium in Virginia. The team’s headquarters, as well as its practice facility, already are located in Virginia.

Hard Rock Virginia Sportsbook features and benefits

In our opinion, the No. 1 reason for choosing Hard Rock Sportsbook is $100 welcome bonus.

After getting started, the offers at Hard Rock aren’t as mind-blowing, but it still has to make money, too. There also is no telling what specials and promotions Hard Rock Sportsbook could be planning in the future, but we’ll be sure to tell you about them when they happen.

Hard Rock Sportsbook app

With no retail sportsbooks as yet in Virginia, the only way you’ll be able to bet on sports in the state is by using apps for your tablet or phone or by using sportsbooks’ accompanying websites.

Hard Rock Sportsbook has a free app available for both iOS and Android.

To download the Hard Rock app directly to your iPhone, iPad or Android device, simply navigate to the Hard Rock website while on that device. Follow the instructions to download and install the app, and you’re on your way.

In both the website and app, you can scroll through all the sports and games that are available to wager on. By clicking on individual games, you can drill down and find all the available bets for each, from player props to different lines and much more.

But by far and away the biggest benefit of having the Hard Rock Sportsbook app on your phone is that you will be able to make bets from anywhere in Virginia that you have access to the internet. Thus you can transform your favorite sports bar into the sportsbook of your dreams with the click of a button on your phone.

Sports you can bet on at Hard Rock in Virginia

Not surprisingly, you can bet on all the major pro and college sports at Hard Rock Sportsbook, as well as the minor ones and even on some that you might not have known existed.

In all, there are 14 sports to choose from: You’ve got Aussie rules football, baseball (MLB), basketball (NBA and NCAAB), boxing, cycling, darts, football (NFL and NCAAF), golf (PGA Tour and European Tour), hockey (NHL), MMA (UFC), motorsports (NASCAR and Indy), rugby, soccer (MLS, European Premier League and Champions League) and tennis (both women’s and men’s).

As you can see, there’s something for just about everyone.

Teams you can bet on in Virginia

If there’s a downside to sports betting being legalized in Virginia, it’s the fact that you’re not allowed to wager on NCAA teams from within the state. In other states with pro sports teams, that might not seem like as big of a deal, but with no NHL, NFL, MLB or NBA teams in Virginia, it makes the rule a little disappointing.

But just because there aren’t any top-tier professional teams in Virginia doesn’t mean you can’t adopt some of the teams nearby to follow, root for and now bet on. Besides, chances are you’ve already been doing the first two parts; now you’re getting to add sports wagering to the mix.

Here’s a quick rundown of the neighboring teams in the top four pro sports leagues for you to turn your attention to. In all the leagues you are able to place both pregame and in game bets, prop bets and futures wagers, as well.

In the NHL you’ve got the Washington Capitals to bet on and you can check out our NHL odds page for the latest lines.

In the other three sports, there are two teams each to give your attention to.

In the NFL, you’ve got the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC and the Washington Commanders in the NFC. Here’s our live NFL odds page so you can compare lines in VA.

In Major League Baseball, both the Washington Nationals and Baltimore Orioles deserve your attention. Washington won the World Series in 2019. Meanwhile, the Orioles appear to be a team on the rise after a few tough years. View the latest lines on MLB here.

And we saved the betting on the NBA for last, where you can bet on the Washington Wizards and Charlotte Hornets, as well as every other NBA team.

Futures betting at Hard Rock Sportsbook

Despite not having any pro teams in the state and not being able to bet on NCAA teams from Virginia, that doesn’t mean we can’t make futures bets on teams from Washington, DC; Maryland; and North Carolina that we’ve become accustomed to cheering on until we get teams of our own.

In the NFL, you can bet on the Washington Commanders and Baltimore Ravens to win the Super Bowl, the NFC and AFC respectively or even just their divisions. There’s also the option at Hard Rock Sportsbook of betting on each team’s regular-season win projections as well as on which players will win individual awards and how they’ll do in various statistical categories.

The options are very similar in the other major leagues.

In the NBA, you’ll get to make futures bets on the Charlotte Hornets and Washington Wizards to win a certain number of games during the regular season, capture division and conference title and even pick them to lift the Larry O’Brien Trophy at season’s end if we’re really feeling good about their chances. Just like in football, we can bet on individual awards and statistical achievements, too.

For the MLB we can turn our attention and betting dollars to the Baltimore Orioles and Washington Nationals. Picking the Orioles to win a difficult division like the AL East will net some major returns if you’re right. While picking a player to win the Cy Young or MVP for instance.

And lastly, the Washington Capitals offer many of the same betting options for Stanley Cup futures. The Caps paid off nicely for those who picked them to win the Stanley Cup in 2018 and could do so again going forward. There’s also a chance that as Alexander Ovechkin closes in on Wayne Gretzky’s career goals-scored record and sportsbooks like Hard Rock begin taking bets on if and when he’ll do it.

Types of bets available on the Hard Rock Sportsbook app

When it comes to types of sports bets that are available at Hard Rock Sportsbook, the answer is pretty much all of them. If you’re already familiar with sports betting and the types of bets that are out there, you probably can skip this section. However, if you’re new to the world of sports betting, let this be your Sports Betting 101 course where we take you through your syllabus and have you ready for the final in no time.

First up is the sports betting triumvirate, the three most popular and common types of bets: against the spread, over/unders and moneyline.

Betting the spread is picking a team to win plus or minus a certain number of points. If a team is favored, you will be giving up points, so it must win by more than the number of points you’re giving up. When a team is an underdog, you will get points, so all the underdog has to do is avoid being beaten by more than that amount.

In over/unders, Hard Rock Sportsbook will give you a number and you will pick whether the total score in the game ends up being over or under that given number. For example, in an NBA game the over/under for total points scored might be 220. If the final score of the game is 112-110, then the over bets would win (112+110=222).

Moneyline bets are probably the easiest to understand because all you are doing is picking who will win, nothing else. Underdogs are signified by positive numbers, and your payout will be bigger if you pick them and they win. Favorites don’t pay as much and are displayed with negative numbers.

Time to move on to the next chapter with prop bets.

Props are bets that involve something specific happening during games. For football that could be which player will notch the game’s first or last touchdown. In baseball, a common prop is whether a player will homer, and in hockey it might be whether a player nets a goal, while in basketball it could be if a specific player will put up a triple-double. Props can be on even more random events like the outcome of a coin flip or whether a game’s total points will be an odd or even number.

Now we’ve reached the final couple of weeks of class where we’ll cover parlays, teasers and futures.

Parlays can be some of the most profitable bets, but understandably are also some of the most difficult to get right. Parlays are basically a number of bets folded into one. You make multiple selections, with the more picks you make equaling a higher return if you’re right. In order to win, though, you must get every pick right. Parlays are either 100% right or 100% wrong. Miss one and you’re done.

Teasers are a means of shifting the lines for multiple games in your favor, so they make certain parlays easier to get correct. They are commonly done with basketball and both pro and college football games. With the line moving in your favor, though, the potential payout is less than a parlay.

Futures are long-term bets that are most popular for picking overall champions and the over/unders for teams’ season-long win totals. They’re not limited to just team predictions though; they’re also done for individual awards and statistical achievements over the course of a season.

And there you have it, Sports Betting 101 is now in the books. Thank you for attending, and we wish you all the best with your sports wagers.

How to deposit and cash out at Hard Rock Virginia

Both depositing and withdrawing money from Hard Rock Sportsbook is an easy process.

To put money into your account you can use a credit card (Visa or Mastercard are accepted), an e-check, PayPal, Pay+ or PayNearMe. The minimum deposit is $10, unless you’re using PayPal, in which case it’s $20.

Making a withdrawal is easy as well, though you do have fewer options. You can either get your money via a bank transfer or an e-check.

Another downside to not yet having any retail sportsbooks in the state is that you can’t make deposits or withdrawals at them. That’s not an issue unique to Hard Rock, as it impacts all the sportsbooks in Virginia.

Hard Rock customer support

You have two options when it comes to contacting customer support at Hard Rock.

You can either email the company at its main casino email or join a live chat, which is available from 6 a.m. to 3 a.m. daily. Honestly, if you’re going to have the chat available for 21 hours a day, it feels as if it would make sense to just make it 24 hours a day, but there’s not usually a lot of sporting events going on from 3-6 a.m., so it shouldn’t be an issue.

Responsible gambling at Hard Rock

As is the case with pretty much every sportsbook, Hard Rock is committed to fostering a healthy and safe gambling experience among all its patrons. To that end, its website has links and information if you or someone you know has a gambling problem.

You also have the ability to set deposit limits on your account, as well as loss limits and time spent on the site and app limits. If none of those options are enough, you can even self-exclude.

Remember, sports betting is something that should be done as a means of entertainment, not as a way to make money and get out of financial problems.

Where is the Hard Rock retail sportsbook?

There are no retail sportsbooks yet in Virginia, so it does not exist.

Is Hard Rock the best sportsbook in Virginia?

Probably not. We’re still in the very early stages of betting on sports, but Hard Rock Sportsbook does feel as if it’s a little behind some of the other contenders like FanDuel, DraftKings and William Hill.

That’s not a say it’s not a good sportsbook or that people should avoid it. There still is plenty to be excited about, namely its initial deposit offers, but right now as a newer name in the game, Hard Rock just hasn’t done enough to prove it can compete with the top books.

It’s worth watching how Hard Rock’s odds compare with other books in the state, though, because if its odds are better, that alone could help it keep pace.

Other Virginia sportsbook reviews

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Hard Rock Bet Sportsbook Virginia FAQs

When you sign up with Hard Rock Bet Virginia, you’ll get a sign-up offer for up to $100, no Hard Rock promo code required.

Yes, Hard Rock Bet Sportsbook is licensed and legal in Virginia.

DraftKings has a few more promotions for existing users, and the DraftKings welcome bonus is worth more than the Hard Rock one ($1,200 vs. $100), but Hard Rock Bet is still a quality sportsbook that we recommend signing up with.

Nope, just sign up with Hard Rock Bet Sportsbook Virginia here, and you’ll be eligible for the $100 welcome bonus.

Yep, multiple promotions offer bonus bets at Hard Rock Sportsbook, including the first bet insurance welcome bonus for new users worth up to a$100 bonus bet.