Super Bowl Odds in Virginia

The Washington Football Team has won the NFC East for the first time since 2015, but its NFL postseason berth has come with plenty of controversy.

Betting on the Super Bowl is a highlight for fans every February. That will be no different for Super Bowl 58.

It’s a game most everyone watches, so sportsbooks create hundreds of distinct odds only offered for the big game. These run from staples like total passing yards and touchdowns to the color of the Gatorade dumped on the winning coach.

Sportsbooks in Virginia can only display legal Super Bowl betting options on their apps or at their websites. One bet you won’t find is Super Bowl MVP. Voted award bets are prohibited in Virginia.

You also don’t have to wait until the Super Bowl to place your bets on the winner thanks to the futures market. Getting started betting on the Super Bowl online in VA is simple. Check our live odds feed below for current Super Bowl odds and read on to explore all of the ins and outs of betting on the Super Bowl.

Best Super Bowl betting apps in Virginia

Super Bowl 2024 odds

Below are the current odds for Super Bowl 58:

After the Super Bowl for the current season is in the books, sportsbooks move quickly to release odds for the next season. These are known as Super Bowl futures odds. You can place your bets on which team you think will win a full year in advance as well as gain some insight into how oddsmakers see NFL teams performing the following season.

The Super Bowl odds board is listed in descending order from favorites to longshots. After the initial odds are released, you’ll see some movement in the numbers so if you have a pick in mind it’s not a bad idea to get your bet in early at the best odds.

For the actual Super Bowl game itself, you’ll see the game lines (moneylines, spread, totals) announced after both the AFC and NFC Championship games and the futures market closes.

To stay on top of the latest numbers in the futures market, our live odds feed is an invaluable tool. The same holds when the matchup is officially announced as you can get a glimpse of the current lines at multiple operators in mere seconds.

Why does the Super Bowl line change?

Downloading a mobile sports betting app

Once sportsbooks release the odds for either Super Bowl futures or the game itself, the betting public gets its chance to have a say in things. After that starts to happen, there’s a good chance you’ll see some movement in the odds.

So exactly why does that happen? In a nutshell, if one set of numbers seems appealing to the public and attracts a lot of action while others don’t, the operators will massage the lines a bit in a bid to even things out.

The goal of doing so is to balance out the liability on their end. In a perfect world, they won’t wind up too lopsided on a game wager, and the action will be spread out reasonably in the futures market.

This process will continue as bets flow in. For example, if the Kansas City Chiefs see lots of futures bets at odds of +700 to win the Super Bowl, the operator may respond by shortening the odds to +650.

It’s the same situation with game lines. If a team is seeing lots of bets come in as a slight 1.5-point favorite, then books may adjust the line to -2 and keep going as needed to level up the action a bit more to their liking.

Line adjustments won’t always have the desired effect. There are times when the public is just completely enamored with one side of the equation, so that comes with the territory. Also, remember that you can always shop around to find the most appealing Super Bowl betting odds.

Most popular bet types for the Super Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest betting day of the year. Even folks that don’t bet regularly get in on it, and there are plenty of ways to do so.

Super Bowl moneyline betting

This is the simplest bet on the menu to place. All you need to do is pick the side you think will win the game. The favorite for the game will have negative odds, while the number is positive on the underdog side. A close range in the numbers suggests the team is evenly matched, while a big difference means a mismatch on paper.

  • Philadelphia Eagles                +120
  • New England Patriots             -130

Super Bowl point spread betting

This is a bet that captures a ton of attention in the runup to the Super Bowl. Oddsmakers install a spread which is an estimated margin of victory. You can go with the favorite minus the points or take the underdog plus the number. In both cases, the spread needs to be covered for the bet to be a winner.

  • San Francisco 49ers              +1.5 (-110)
  • Kansas City Chiefs                 -1.5 (-110)

Super Bowl totals betting

You can also place your bets on the total combined points that will be scored in the game. Sportsbooks set a benchmark number, and bettors then get to choose if they expect the final score to be over/under that amount. This is a great bet to shop around to find the best price.

  • Over                52.5 (-110)
  • Under              52.5 (-110)

Super Bowl prop betting

Props are really popular for all sports, but the interest goes through the roof for the Super Bowl. Many operators will offer hundreds of different prop bets to choose from. The props allow you to get in some side action on the game.

  • Which side will have more rushing yards in the game – Ravens or Saints?
  • Will there be a turnover returned for a TD in the game – Yes/No?

Super Bowl live betting

You can bet on the Super Bowl in real-time as it plays out with live betting, a featured offering at many online sportsbooks, and their betting apps. It’s a fast-paced market in which the odds and offerings go by quickly, but there will be plenty of chances to get involved throughout the game.

Here are some examples of what you might see.

  • What will be the outcome of the Steelers drive – TD/FG/TO/Punt?
  • Will Greg Zuerlein make this field goal – Yes/No?
  • Which side will have more rushing yards in the second quarter – Bills or Cowboys?

Super Bowl side and totals betting

Since the Super Bowl is the only NFL game for the day, multi-outcome parlays aren’t an option. However, there is a way to get around that. You can pick your side on the moneyline or spread, and also pick the over/under on totals, all on the same bet. You’ll find this bet type with the other additional bet offerings for the game.

  • Raiders plus the over             +160
  • Raiders plus the under           +180
  • Buccaneers plus the over      +120
  • Buccaneers plus the under    +140

Super Bowl futures market explained

You can place a futures bet at virtually any time on the team you think will win the next Super Bowl. Let’s take a closer look at how this fascinating market works.

As the current Super Bowl winds down, sportsbooks are ready to go with the odds on which team will win it all next year. There will be odds for each of the NFL’s 32 teams with lower numbers for a handful of favorites down to massive numbers for the longshots.

Here’s what the odds might look like for some of the favorites upon release.

  • Kansas City Chiefs +700
  • Baltimore Ravens +750
  • San Francisco 49ers +900
  • New Orleans Saints +1,000
  • Dallas Cowboys +1,200

Bettors can make their choices as soon as the odds come out, or they can take a wait and see approach to see what develops in the offseason. Regardless of which approach you prefer, it’s a good idea to digest the numbers upon release and keep your eyes out for appealing opportunities as they come up.

If a team crushes it in the offseason with a great draft and some solid free agent signings, then there’s a good chance that some bettors will be attracted to them. The odds for that team will likely adjust as a result, and the same will happen for the rest of the teams based on betting action. As the regular season approaches, the odds board might wind up looking like this.

  • Kansas City Chiefs +650
  • Baltimore Ravens +700
  • San Francisco 49ers +800
  • New Orleans Saints +900
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1,000

The market stays open as the season plays out. As you would expect, those that get off to fantastic starts surge in interest, while those who come out of the gate flat won’t attract much action. After about two months of regular season play, that could translate into something like this.

  • Kansas City Chiefs +600
  • Baltimore Ravens +700
  • New Orleans Saints +850
  • Dallas Cowboys +950
  • Buffalo Bills +1,100

It’s important to remember that futures bets require a long-term perspective, as wagers aren’t graded along the way. If you pick the Chiefs to win, you naturally won’t be paid out on that bet until the Super Bowl is over and the Chiefs win.

The futures market can be pretty lucrative when you make some well-timed bets that break in your favor. For example, a $100 bet on the Ravens to win the Super Bowl at odds of +700 would return a total of $800 if the club goes out and makes it happen.

Simple betting tips for the Super Bowl

When it’s Super Bowl time, you’ll have plenty of different opinions to digest. Virtually everyone has a pick for the big game, and many folks can make rather convincing arguments. However, remember that the ultimate decision on which way to go lays with you.

Stick to a budget

The Super Bowl is the last football game for a while. That, plus the sheer excitement of the event, can inspire feelings of needing to go ‘all in.’ Don’t be that guy or gal. Put a budget in place that you are comfortable with.

Have a game plan

Along with a clear budget, you should know how you want to allocate your wagering dollars. For example, you can set aside an amount for betting on the outcome, and then allocate the remainder on props and live betting.

Trust your instincts

There will be tons of coverage of the Super Bowl and what may or may not happen. It can all seem overwhelming at times but do your best to filter out the noise. If your research points you in a different direction than the overall consensus, don’t be shy.

How to bet on Super Bowl MVP

For another great way to remain engaged with the game and potentially turn a profit when all is said and done, you can focus on picking which player will be awarded the Super Bowl MVP.

This is another bet type that generates lots of interest, and there is some strategy involved as well. While it’s true that the QB of either team will be a favorite to win, that doesn’t mean that a signal-caller always wins the award.

For example, a quarterback has been the award winner seven times over the last decade. If we stretch it back over two decades, a QB has won the award in 12 of the last 20 Super Bowls. Overall, that’s a small sample size, but it still says that a non-QB has won the award 40% of the time over the past 20 years.

At some operators, you’ll also be able to place your bets on what the position of the winning player will be. You’ll find odds for all of the options, and you can certainly expect the QB to be at the top of the board.

Here’s why you should play on reputable sportsbooks

It wasn’t too long ago that Las Vegas had legal sports betting on lockdown here in the US. That led to a rise in offshore and unregulated operators who were more than happy to take in some business.

It just doesn’t make much sense to take the risk these days. Sports betting has been legalized in many states, and many more will follow. Here’s why you should stick with the legal and regulated operators in Virginia.

  • Legality: Sure, there may be people who have played on offshore sites for years without running into problems. But is it worth taking the chance, especially if they decide to not pay out one of your bets?
  • Safety: For an operator to be able to set up shop in a legal state, all of their ducks must be in a row. Your money will be safe, but that’s not guaranteed at unregulated shops.
  • Convenience: Legal online and mobile sportsbook can be accessed at any time, and you’ll have a wide range of markets, bets, and funding options to choose from.

On that last point, getting started with a legal operator is simple. After you enter a few details, your new account will be created in minutes. Once that’s good to go, download the app for your device from the sportsbook’s website.

After you log in on your phone, you’ll have a real live sportsbook on standby whenever you need it.

Craziest bets in Super Bowl history

Every year, headlines are made by massive bets being placed on the Super Bowl. Some of them have worked out pretty well for the bettors. Others? Not so much. Here’s a look at some of the largest bets ever made on the big game.

  • Super Bowl XLIV: Poker legend Phil Ivey was feeling pretty confident in a victory for the Indianapolis Colts, so much so that he dropped $2 million on the moneyline. However, the New Orleans Saints went on to win the game 31-17.
  • Super Bowl XLVI: The stars aligned for rap superstar 50 Cent. He wagered a whopping $1 million on the underdog New York Giants at +2.5. Turns out he didn’t even need the points, as the Giants stunned the New England Patriots by a score of 21-17.
  • Super Bowl XXIII: Sometimes, gambling legends do walk the walk. Bob Stupak, a former casino owner and poker pro, cashed a $1 million winning bet on the Cincinnati Bengals +7 when they lost to the San Francisco 49ers 20-16.

Which NFL team has won the Super Bowl the most times?

Two teams are at the top of the charts of all-time Super Bowl wins, while another pair is hot on their trail. Here’s a look at the big game records for each NFL team that has won at least one Super Bowl title.

  • New England Patriots: 6-5
  • Pittsburgh Steelers: 6-2
  • Dallas Cowboys: 5-3
  • San Francisco 49ers: 5-2
  • Green Bay Packers: 4-1
  • New York Giants: 4-1
  • Denver Broncos: 3-5
  • Las Vegas Raiders: 3-2
  • Washington Commanders: 3-2
  • Miami Dolphins: 2-3
  • Indianapolis Colts: 2-2
  • Kansas City Chiefs: 2-1
  • Baltimore Ravens: 2-0
  • Los Angeles Rams: 2-3
  • Seattle Seahawks: 1-2
  • Philadelphia Eagles: 1-2
  • Chicago Bears: 1-0
  • New Orleans Saints: 1-0
  • New York Jets: 1-0
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 1-0

Winning the Super Bowl in one season is tough enough, but pulling it off in back-to-back seasons is a monumental task. It has happened just eight times in the history of the big game.

  • Green Bay Packers 1966-67
    • Super Bowl I: Packers 35-10 over Kansas City Chiefs
    • Super Bowl II: Packers 33-14 over Oakland Raiders
  • Miami Dolphins 1972-73
    • Super Bowl VII: Dolphins 14-7 over Washington Football Team
    • Super Bowl VIII: Dolphins 24-7 over Minnesota Vikings
  • Pittsburgh Steelers 1974-75
    • Super Bowl IX: Steelers 16-6 over Minnesota Vikings
    • Super Bowl X: Steelers 21-17 over Dallas Cowboys
  • Pittsburgh Steelers 1978-79
    • Super Bowl XIII: Steelers 35-31 over Dallas Cowboys
    • Super Bowl XIV: Steelers 31-19 over Los Angeles Rams
  • San Francisco 49ers 1988-89
    • Super Bowl XXIII: 49ers 20-16 over Cincinnati Bengals
    • Super Bowl XXIV: 49ers 55-10 over Denver Broncos
  • Dallas Cowboys 1992-93
    • Super Bowl XXVII: Cowboys 52-17 over Buffalo Bills
    • Super Bowl XXVIII: Cowboys 30-13 over Buffalo Bills
  • Denver Broncos 1997-98
    • Super Bowl XXXII: Broncos 31-24 over Green Bay Packers
    • Super Bowl XXXIII: Broncos 34-19 over Atlanta Falcons
  • New England Patriots 2003-04
    • Super Bowl XXXVIII: Patriots 32-29 over Carolina Panthers
    • Super Bowl XXXIX: Patriots 24-21 over Philadelphia Eagles

How many NFL teams have never won a Super Bowl?

An even dozen of the NFL’s 32 teams have never won the Super Bowl. Eight of those 12 have at least reached the ultimate game before coming up just short. Here’s the record for each of those clubs.

  • Buffalo Bills: 0-4
  • Minnesota Vikings: 0-4
  • Atlanta Falcons: 0-2
  • Cincinnati Bengals: 0-3
  • Carolina Panthers: 0-2
  • Los Angeles Chargers: 0-1
  • Tennessee Titans: 0-1
  • Arizona Cardinals: 0-1

The Bills and Vikings stand out on the list for their futility in the big game, but the teams were two of the more impressive of their respective eras, the 1990s and 1970s respectively. Here’s a look at the results for those two clubs in the big game.

  • Buffalo Bills Super Bowl appearances
    • Super Bowl XXV: New York Giants over Bills 20-19
    • Super Bowl XXVI: Washington Football Team over Bills 37-24
    • Super Bowl XXVII: Dallas Cowboys over Bills 52-17
    • Super Bowl XXVII: Dallas Cowboys over Bills 30-13
  • Minnesota Super Bowl appearances
    • Super Bowl IV: Kansas City Chiefs over Vikings 23-7
    • Super Bowl VIII: Miami Dolphins over Vikings 24-7
    • Super Bowl IX: Pittsburgh Steelers over Vikings 16-6
    • Super Bowl XI: Oakland Raiders over Vikings 32-14

The Denver Broncos are the only other team to have lost the Super Bowl in back-to-back seasons. They fell in Super Bowl XXI to the New York Giants and followed that up by being blown out by the Washington Football Team in Super Bowl XXII.

Four NFL clubs are still waiting for their first Super Bowl bid. Here’s the list and how often they’ve made it within steps of the big game.

  • Cleveland Browns; Lost AFC Championship game in 1986, 1987, and 1989.
  • Detroit Lions: Lost NFC Championship in 1991
  • Jacksonville Jaguars: Lost AFC Championship in 1996, 1999, and 2017
  • Houston Texans: Have made the Divisional Round of NFL Playoffs four times.

Top five moments in Super Bowl history

From the first Super Bowl to the present time, there have been a ton of iconic moments on pro football’s biggest stage. Here’s a look back at some of the more memorable moments from big game lore.

  • Super Bowl III: This still goes down as one of the biggest upsets in Super Bowl history. The upstart New York Jets of the AFL shocked the world and the NFL’s heavily favored Baltimore Colts by a score of 16-7.
  • Super Bowl XXXIII: The legendary Joe Montana had to kick it into overdrive to win the third of his four Super Bowl rings. Montana led a 92-yard game-winning TD drive as the San Francisco 49ers took down the Cincinnati Bengals 20-16.
  • Super Bowl XXV: This was the first of four straight losses for the Buffalo Bills in the big game. Scott Norwood had a chance to win the game with a field goal, but he went wide right as the New York Giants celebrated a 20-19 win.
  • Super Bowl XXXVI: The New England Patriots dynasty was officially born with a 20-17 upset win over the St. Louis Rams. Adam Vinatieri nailed a 48-yard field goal to seal the deal for New England’s first title.
  • Super Bowl XLII: The Patriots were going for a perfect season with only the New York Giants standing in their way. It wasn’t meant to be. A game-winning TD drive led by Eli Manning vaulted the Giants to a stunning 17-14 victory.

Super Bowl FAQ

The Super Bowl attracts tons of viewers every year. Here are the most-watched of all time:

  • Average viewers: 114.4 million – Super Bowl XLIV: New England Patriots over Seattle Seahawks, 28-24 in 2015
  • Total viewers: 172 million – Super Bowl LI: New England Patriots over Atlanta Falcons, 34-28 in 2017
  • Network rating: 49.1 for CBS – Super Bowl XVI: San Francisco 49ers over Cincinnati Bengals, 26-21 in 1982
  • Market share: 78 for CBS – Super Bowl X: Pittsburgh Steelers over Dallas Cowboys, 21-17 in 1976

This has only happened once in Super Bowl history to date. The scene was Super Bowl LI at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas. After being down 21-3 to the Atlanta Falcons at halftime, the New England Patriots went on a comeback for the ages to tie up the game and force overtime. The Patriots won in the extra time by a final score of 34-28.

This has happened quite a bit. While the QB position has been awarded Super Bowl MVP 31 times, other spots have won the award several times. Here’s the complete list of awards for other positions. (Just remember Super Bowl MVP isn’t a legal bet in Virginia.)

Running back: 7
Wide receiver: 7
Linebacker: 4
Defensive end: 2
Safety: 2
Cornerback: 1
Defensive tackle: 1
Kick returner/Punt returner: 1

Tom Brady is atop the all-time list for players with seven Super Bowl rings, all of which he won as a member of the New England Patriots before winning his 7th with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Charles Haley is second on the list with five rings. He won two with the San Francisco 49ers and another three with the Dallas Cowboys. Several players are tied for third place with four rings, a list that includes names such as Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana.