New Virginia Lottery Scratcher Games Now Available For April

Written By Adam Hensley on April 7, 2023
virginia lottery april new scratch cards

Calling all scratchers fans: The Virginia Lottery’s latest lineup is out.

On Tuesday, the lottery announced the arrival of the state’s newest scratcher games for the month of April. Five new titles will be available for customers this month.

The four physical scratchers and one online version are available on the Virginia Lottery website for customers to get a sneak peak. Users can digitally scratch off a sample scratcher to get a feel for how each game works.

Here’s a dive into the lottery’s latest release for April.

Funky Fortune to build your funky fortune

Reminiscing on the times of peace, love and happiness, Funky Fortune channels vibes from the 1970s. Players must scratch off peace images, vans, hearts, flowers and hands throwing up a peace sign to reveal numbers.

The goal: Try to match a winning number or find a music note or star to win your prize. According to the lottery, should you find a FUNKY once you scratch off your icons, you’ll win all 20 prizes on the ticket. Should you reveal a star, you’ll win $200.

The top prize for this scratcher is $500,000. Your odds of winning that amount? One in 1,224,000. But don’t be discouraged — odds are that 1 in 4.2 customers will win something on their ticket, starting at $10.

Each ticket costs $10 to play.

Virginia Lottery rolls out Power 5s

With a chance at a $250,000 top prize, this game truly is electric.

Power 5s players will view a scratcher that contains three golden circles in power spots. Below those power spots are 15 smaller golden circles.

If you reveal a lightning or five, you’ll win the prize shown. A moneybag icon wins $10 instantly. If you scratch off a 5X, you win five times the amount shown. The same goes for 10X, just 10 times the amount shown.

Your odds of winning the $250,000 jackpot are one in 1,387,200. The smallest prize possible is $5. Players have a one in 4.32 chance of collecting any sort of prize in general.

Each Power 5s ticket costs $5.

Sin City comes to Virginia with Marvelous Money Vegas Nights

If you’re looking for a true casino feel, Marvelous Money Vegas Nights is the scratcher for you.

The ticket has 10 squares for customers to scratch off, with icons ranging from birds, letters, dice, a magic chest and a top hat. If you scratch off a moneybag, you’ll win the prize shown. If you reveal a wand, you’ll win five times the amount of the prize shown. Should you scratch off a rabit, you’ll win $20.

Each play costs $2, and customers have a chance at winning a top prize of $20,000. You’ve got a one in 897,600 chance at that big win. Customers have a one in 897.600 chance at any sort of win, starting as low as $2.

Not much needed to win Pocket Change

Like the name implies, all it takes is a little bit of pocket change for a chance at $500.

Costing $1, each Pocket Change scratcher has a space for the prize reveal and green spots with quarters in front. Simply scratch each quarter icon to reveal coins. If those coins add up to more than $1, you’ll win the prize.

Pocket Change players have a one in 12,240 chance at winning the top prize of $500. Customers also have one in 4.86 odds at winning any sort of prize, which starts at $1.

Even more Sin City with Marvelous Money: Vegas Nights

This isn’t a typo.

In addition to the Marvelous Money Vegas Nights physical scratcher, customers can also play this new game online for a top prize of $85,001.

This online game features five rows of three symbols. Of those 15 symbols, players will attempt to win a prize by matching three or more. If you reveal three or more of the same symbol, it’s removed from the board. Once gone, a new sumbol from above drops down.

At the same time, customers have a chance to reveal a bonus wheel. Players will have a shot at a progessive jackpot if they activate the bonus wheel.

The cost to play varies. The cheapest play starts out at $0.20 and goes up to a max of $50. Your odds to win are based off the maximum possible tickets played, according to the lottery’s website.

Remember to save your VA Lottery scratcher tickets

Even if you don’t win on one of your new scratchers, the Virginia Lottery wants to make sure you don’t throw away those tickets.

Instead, the lottery gives players the opportunity to enter their losing tickets into the eXTRA Chances promotion for another shot at victory.

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