Virginia Powerball Wins Stack Up As Jackpot Grows To Record $1.9 Billion (Update)

Written By Russ Mitchell on November 3, 2022 - Last Updated on February 3, 2023
Virginia Powerball wins can be elusive, but a $1.2 billion jackpot will draw plenty of interest.

Commonwealth residents haven’t landed the win but as players across the country chase the world-record $1.9 billion jackpot, smaller Virginia Powerball wins are beginning to pile up.

First thing’s first, the next Powerball draw is Monday, Nov. 7 with a 10 p.m. cutoff time to buy Powerball plays. The 10:59 p.m. drawings are on MondaysWednesdays and Saturdays. Each chance at the jackpot costs $2.

Just remember: The odds aren’t great to win any prize, so only play what you can afford to lose. For the big dreamers out there, here’s a look at the prize amounts and odds.

  • Grand prize if all six numbers are correct (1-in-292,201,338)
  • $1 million if only the Powerball number isn’t correct (1-in-11,688,053.52)
  • $50,000 for five correct numbers including the correct Powerball (1-in-913,129.18)
  • $100 for any four correct numbers with (1-in-14,494.11) or without (1-in-36,525.17) the correct Powerball
  • $7 for any three correct numbers with (1-in-701.33) or without (1-in-579.76) the correct Powerball
  • $4 for the correct Powerball (1-in-38.32) or correct Powerball + another correct number (1-in-91.98)

The odds of winning any prize are 1-in-25.

The Virginia Lottery offers three ways to play Powerball in the state. Customers can buy tickets at more than 5,300 retail locations statewide.

Plays are available at and the Virginia Lottery app also sells tickets.

Higher traffic leads to more Virginia Powerball wins

The game reached top-five jackpot territory just over a week ago. It passed the headline-grabbing $1 billion mark when the numbers didn’t align last Wednesday, this past Saturday, on Halloween night and on Wednesday. The all-time Powerball record is $1.586 billion. That means Saturday’s jackpot will set a new world record.

But, the massive volume of plays over the last week has led to some pretty noteworthy Virginia Powerball wins.

The Virginia Lottery confirmed a $1 million winner. Someone who bought a ticket at the Soapstone Drive 7-Eleven in Reston matched all five white balls.

Two Virginia tickets each won $100,000. They were bought at:

  • The Centralia Road Spencers Express in North Chesterfield
  • Online at

Three tickets won $50,000 apiece. They were bought at:

  • The B.O.B. at the Pentagon in Arlington, VA
  • Online at
  • The Warwick Blvd. 7-Eleven in Newport News

Virginia Powerball players won more than $2.1 million in Wednesday night’s drawing. The Virginia Lottery sold a total of 188,911 winning plays. Prizes ranged from $4 to the $1 million ticket in Reston. We’ll watch results from Saturday and Monday as well.

Also remember, the $1.9 billion mark is based on annuity installments over 30 years. Jackpot winners have to “settle” for $929.1 million if they want the money in one payment.

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