Heads Up, Baseball Bettors: Catch Caesars’ Can’t-Miss MLB Wagering Promos

Written By Dann Stupp on August 25, 2021 - Last Updated on July 28, 2023
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As we soon enter the final month of the baseball regular season, Virginia online sportsbooks continue to offer some can’t-miss MLB wagering opportunities.

In fact, Caesars VA, which recently rebranded from its former William Hill moniker, has a steady stream of unique MLB betting promos.

For many baseball fans, there’s nothing like September baseball. Races for a division title can swing wildly from day to day, and every game feels a little more important.

Then again, if your team is already out of the playoff picture (shout out to my Washington Nationals peeps), NFL and college football just can’t get here soon enough.

Still, if baseball is your thing, these are some of the Caesars MLB wagering promotions that are worth checking out.

Daily super boosts for MLB wagering

One of the best deals in Virginia sports betting happens daily on Caesars’ MLB wagering menu.

Each morning, Caesars designates one game for a “super boost.” This odds boost usually takes a solid favorite (usually in the -140 to -200 range) and provides a bump to +100 odds.

For Wednesday, Aug. 25, for example, the Los Angeles Dodgers were -140 favorites over the +130 San Diego Padres on the morning of the game. However, with the super boost, the Dodgers were available at even-money odds.

The super boost games come with a max bet of $25.

At the regular -140 odds, a winning $25 bet on the Dodgers would net $17.86 in profit. However, with the +100 super boost, the winnings would be $25 – or, $7.14 better. Getting such a big boost, day in and day out, is a solid way to stretch your betting dollars. Plus, for the super boost, Caesars often chooses the highest-profile game of the day.

50% profit boost on Wednesdays

Each Wednesday, Caesars offers a 50% profit boost for customers to use on an MLB game of their choice.

The latest opportunity comes today, Wednesday, Aug. 25.

You’ll find the profit boost token in your “bonus drawer” at Caesars. Simply choose an option with minimum odds of -200 (-190 would be eligible, but -210 would not be) for your betting slip, and bet up to the max wager of $50.

You can use the 50% profit boost for a straight bet or parlay. However, you can’t use a free bet or super boost in conjunction with the 50% boost.

Caesars will distribute any winning as cash (not free bets) right into your account.

7th Inning Winnings on Mondays

Another Caesars promotion offers something the others don’t: the potential for a pretty big payoff.

On Mondays, Caesars hosts its 7th Innings Winnings promotion.

Caesars chooses a specific game each Monday. You just need to place a moneyline wager of at least $25 on either team. Then, if your chosen team scores in the seventh inning, you win.

In fact, you get $50 for every run your team scores in the inning.

Let’s say you bet on the Philadelphia Phillies as part of the 7th Inning Winnings promo. They win and also score three runs in the seventh inning. Not only do you get the winnings from your $25 moneyline wager, you also get $150 for the seventh-inning scoring.

So, how likely are you to win big with this MLB wagering promo? Here’s the likelihood of scoring a specific number of runs per inning in an average MLB game:

  • 0 runs: 72.6%
  • 1 run: 14.9%
  • 2 runs: 6.9%
  • 3 runs: 3.1%
  • 4 runs: 1.4%
  • 5 runs: 0.6%
  • 6 runs: 0.2%
  • 7 runs: 0.1%

You’ll dig the longball with Thursday Dingers

You can’t go wrong with a “dingers” promotion. After all, everyone loves the longball.

And at Caesars, the Thursday Dingers promotion rewards you every time your team goes yard.

Each Thursday, Caesars designated one game for the promo. If you bet at least $50 on the moneyline for either team, you also get $25 for each home run your team hits. Best of all, you get the $25 home run bonuses whether your team wins or loses.

During the 2021 season, MLB teams average 1.21 home runs per game, down slightly from 1.28 in 2020.

With your team expected to hit 1.21 home runs during the promo, that gives you an expected bonus value of $30.25 per game. Of course, your results will fluctuate wildly from game to game based on the teams and their lineups. But if you’re a regular Thursday Dingers bettor at Caesars, you’re bound to score some extra dollars during the season.

Other MLB wagering promos at Caesars

The super boost, 50% profit boost, 7th Inning Winnings, and Thursday Dingers promos aren’t the only baseball ones available at Caesars.

The marketing folks have put together some other one-off and semi-regular promos.

For example:

  • For an Angels vs. Astros game, you could wager $50 on either team and then get various bonuses based on the individual performance of Shohei Ohtani (Angels) or Jose Altuve (Astros).
  • For a Red Sox vs. Rays game, bettors could wager $75 on either moneyline and then get a $10 bonus for each hit your team collected if they won.
  • On one day, if a customer bet at least $20 on the moneyline for five different games, they’d get a $100 free bet for every walk-off win in MLB that day.

Additionally, expect Caesars to roll out some other can’t-miss promos once the MLB Playoffs begin on Oct. 5.

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