Here’s How To Get A Free NBA Jersey – Or Something Else – From Caesars VA

Written By Dann Stupp on February 2, 2022
Free NBA Jersey Promotion

Caesars Virginia is back with the best deal in sports betting, and I’ve got some advice for that soon-to-end Free NBA Jersey Promotion.

For those Virginia sports betting enthusiasts who missed it the first time around, it’s a simple but lucrative offer.

In the fall, Caesars Sportsbook customers simply had to wager $100 on football games. Once they did, they received a $150 voucher for the official NFL Store.

This time around for the Free NBA Jersey Promotion, Caesars VA bettors need to place at least $100 in NBA bets. Once they do, they’re set to receive a free authentic jersey from the NBA Store.

But, there’s something you should know about that soon-to-end promo.

How to score with Caesars’ Free NBA Jersey Promotion

Not only do I write about sports betting and legal gambling in Virginia, I occasionally partake. (I also “occasionally” eat, sleep and breathe.)

In other words, I’m well aware of what the VA sports betting market has to offer in the form of bonuses, promos and giveaways. And this one? This Free NBA Jersey Promotion? This is about as good as it gets.

Just be sure you formally opt-in for the promotion. This is key, and not everyone remembers to do it. So, when you click the link above, be sure you head to the Promotions section of Caesars Virginia to click the opt-in button.

Then, by this coming Monday, Feb. 7, you need to place at least $100 in NBA bets. You can place one bet of $100, 20 bets of $5, or any combination to get to $100. Just be sure the bets settle by the Free NBA Jersey Promotion deadline of Feb. 7.

Shortly afterward, Caesars will email you a gift voucher to use for a free NBA jersey from the official NBA Store.

But as I can attest – two times over – you don’t actually have to get a jersey. You can. And I did.

But you can instead use your voucher for non-jersey items. Just as I also did.

Before NBA promo, Caesars gave NFL jerseys

The “Free NBA Jersey Promotion” name is enough to grab your attention. Any sports fan knows that authentic jerseys don’t come cheap. So, to get a free one? Not too shabby.

I took part in the promotion in the fall, when Caesars was offering a free NFL jersey. I placed $100 in NFL bets (which I would’ve done anyway) and, because I’m an Ohio native and longtime Cincinnati resident, I chose a Men’s Cincinnati Bengals Joe Burrow Nike Black Game Jersey as my reward.

And oh, she’s a real beaut. Just gorgeous. And wouldn’t ya know it, the Bengals have been in the Super Bowl every year I’ve owned it. So it’s a lucky jersey, to boot.

But what if you don’t want an actual jersey with the Free NBA Jersey Promotion? What if sleeveless jerseys aren’t your look?

And what if you’re a Washington Wizards fan? And what if you’re not convinced Bradley Beal is staying put in DC and instead could be traded, leaving you with an outdated jersey? After all, one of the riskier $150 gambles that NBA fans take is when they buy a jersey.

Go beyond the jerseys with Caesars’ NBA promo

Well, in that case, do what I did.

As a newer Wizards fan, my closet remains void of any team swag. But instead of getting a jersey and handing out tickets to the gun show, I wanted more-practical attire.

Then, after looking at the fine print for the Free NBA Jersey Promotion at Caesars, I realized I didn’t need to actually choose a jersey. It could be used for any merchandise, authentic jersey or not, up to $150.

So, with my NBA Store voucher, I ditched the jerseys and looked at other clothing options. That’s what I ended up with:

Final price? $150. I went out of pocket for the taxes, but that was a killer score for a few bucks.

So, even if an authentic NBA jersey doesn’t do it for you, just know that you have options. Jersey or not, Wizards or not, this Free NBA Jersey Promotion is a deal that basketball bettors don’t want to miss.

Photo by AP / Jeff Dean
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