Caesars Danville Casino Offers Free Dealer Classes

Written By T.J. McBride on July 12, 2023 - Last Updated on July 14, 2023
Caesars Danville offers free dealer training classes.

“You just bring the personality, and they will teach you the rest.”

As stated on a video posted to its Facebook, Caesars Danville Casino is offering to teach anyone how to deal casino games with its new Entry Level Dealer in Training course.

This six-week course serves as a pathway to a new trade or career for those looking to dive into the world of casino wagering.

What does this free dealer course include?

Until recently, Virginia was one of just a few states with no commercial nor tribal casinos. Virginia casinos now number three, with two more expected to come online in the next few years.

The goal of this new dealer course at Caesars Danville Casino, as stated in the job description, is to give anyone a chance to learn the ropes of being a dealer for free.

“The dealer in training will receive free classroom training to learn the skills and game knowledge to become a table games dealer at Caesars Virginia.“

The opportunity gives people a chance to become a part of a strong casino gambling industry in Virginia that saw over $45 million wagered in May.

The course teaches people with no experience how to deal blackjack and poker variations offered by Caesars Danville. Any existing Caesars team members can also participate for free and learn how to deal roulette, craps and baccarat.

Requirements to deal at Caesars Danville Casino

For those who believe they have what it takes to become a dealer, the Entry Level Dealer in Training course is a well-rounded crash course to find out with certainty.

Some disclaimers that are important to note. Those who go through the training course are not guaranteed a job as an Experienced Dealer. This course is purely to learn the process of being a dealer. For anyone taking the course who wants to apply to a dealer position, an audition must be passed at the conclusion of the training.

There are many important aspects of the job. Dealers must welcome guests and greet them in English. They must determine wins and losses as well as collect and pay bets. Dealers also have documents to manage for checks and balances and must uphold the integrity of the game. All while adhering to company policy. It is by no means an easy job.

It’s no easy job

The physical, mental and environmental demands increase the difficulty even more.

  • Dealer must be able to sit and stand for long periods of time.
  • They must be able to maneuver to work inside and continuously maneuver in and around the assigned tables in the Pit department during the entire shift, with regular interval breaks.
  • Dealers must be able to respond calmly and handle many customers’ demands in a fast-paced environment.
  • A dealer responds to visual and aural cues.
  • They must be able to memorize game rules and procedures.
  • They must be able to perform mathematical computations when determining winners and losers and collecting and paying out bets quickly and accurately.
  • Dealers must possess good manual dexterity for quick and accurate handling of chips, cards and money.
  • They must be able to accurately balance chip bank at the beginning and end of shift.
  • They must have excellent vision (including peripherals) to protect the games.
  • A dealer must be able to read, verify and sign appropriate documents relating to the game in a small area.
  • They also must be able to tolerate areas containing secondhand smoke, high noise levels, bright lights and dust.

If this still sounds like a career worth pursuing, the job posting is available on the Caesars website.

Temporary casino filling jobs quickly

A recent update for the Virginia Lottery Board featured several Caesars reps touting a “tremendous” start to the temporary casino’s stint. Caesars reported the temporary casino is employing more than 400 people, mostly from within the region.

General Manager Chris Albrecht says word is spreading that the temporary casino is a desirable place to work:

“Our wages and rates being very strong, healthy in the region, and now that word has spread what a table games dealer can make, what a slot attendant can make, we’re getting just a tremendous amount of output of interest in roles right now.”

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