July 2022 Virginia Sports Bets Fly Past 2021 Totals

Written By Russ Mitchell on September 1, 2022
July 2022 Virginia Sports Bets

July 2022 Virginia sports bets continue to reflect some seasonal ebbs and flows. Numbers are down compared to June, but the $266 million in sports bets is way up compared to the same month a year ago.

The Virginia Lottery released the lowest sports betting amounts of the year on Thursday.

That’s not a surprise. July was the slowest full month for betting in Virginia a year ago as well.

  • 2021 July sports bets — $161.9 million
  • 2022 July sports bets — $266 million (a 64% increase from last year)

Summer sports can’t keep up with gridiron action, but the 2021 and 2022 trends are a harbinger for a huge fall.

VA sports betting pace should rebound

July continues a four-month dip in Virginia sportsbook handle. But, sports bets should tick up over the next seven months.

Look for mild gains when August numbers are released by the Virginia Lottery a month from now. Football leads a betting surge that should continue through the Super Bowl and into the heart of 2023 March Madness.

January 2022 holds the record for sports bets for a single month at $485.5 million.

More numbers: July 2022 Virginia sports bets

  • Customers at Virginia’s 13 sportsbooks won about $240 million from the $266 million in July 2022 sports bets. That’s a 9.8% hold for the sports betting companies.
  • That left casinos with $21.4 million in revenue once payouts and other authorized deductions are factored in.
  • Eight of the state’s 13 casinos finished the month with taxable profits.
  • The state collected $3.1 million in taxes from July 2022 Virginia sports betting. About $76,500 (2.5%) will go to the state’s gambling treatment and support fund. Virginia’s general fund gets the rest.

For the first time, Virginia Lottery sports totals included numbers from a retail sportsbook. Bristol Casino – Future Home of Hard Rock is a temporary casino at the Bristol Mall. A retail Hard Rock sportsbook is among the offerings there.


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