How Much Do Profit Boosts Matter? Let’s Look At NFL Week 3 With WFT And Ravens

Written By Dann Stupp on September 23, 2021 - Last Updated on July 28, 2023
Profit boosts

Want to maximize your potential NFL betting winnings? Want to bet on the Washington Football Team or Baltimore Ravens this weekend with amplified odds? Want to make it super easy?

Welcome to the wonderful world of profit boosts.

As Virginia online sportsbooks continue battling for market share and wooing new customers, their promo offers are bountiful. If you’ve signed up with a sports betting app (or eight), you’ve likely received a VA sports betting promo.

And sure, they have some restrictions. But let’s look at some real-world examples to see, for example, how weekly profit boosts from DraftKings VA can substantially impact your betting bankroll.

Profit boosts are free (potential) money

On Sunday the Washington Football Team (1-1) hits the road to meet the Buffalo Bills (1-1) at Highmark Stadium (1 p.m., Fox).

Heading into the NFC East clash, the WFT opened as +8 underdogs. However, a herd of Bills bettors had pushed the line down to +7.5 (at -115 odds) at DraftKings by Thursday afternoon.

Why use DraftKings in this example? The sportsbook giant has been offering customers, old and new alike, a remarkable value each weekend of the NFL season: 20% profit boosts!

  • 20% profit boosts are available for each NFL game excluding Sunday Night Football and Monday Night Football
  • Limit of one profit boost per game
  • The profit boost can be used on nearly all bet types (spread, moneyline, total, alternate spread, player props, etc.)
  • Max bet of $50 per profit boost
  • Players must choose each single-use profit boost from their bet slip

For newer sports bettors, “20%” might not sound like much. But it’s essentially free money (assuming you win your bet, of course).

Additionally, those odds boosts add up, especially over the course of an entire NFL weekend or season. They can even make the difference between a winning and losing season.

Want proof? Let’s jump into the numbers.

ROI on profit boost vs. no profit boost

Using the DraftKings “Week 3 NFL Profit Boosts!” promo as an example, let’s say we bet every eligible game this weekend. And though $50 isn’t chump change to most bettors, we’ll do the maximum bet size allowed with the promo.

Additionally, we’re going to bet all 14 qualifying games this weekend, and we’ll use the standard spread odds of -110 for each one.

As for our performance, we’ll consider ourselves average bettors with exactly a 50% winning percentage. That means we’ll lose $350 from our losing bets ($50 x 7), and we’ll gain $318.15 ($45.45 x 7) from our winning bets.

With -$350 + $318.15, that leaves us a grand total of -$31.85.

However, let’s say we get a 20% profit boost on each one of those games. That means instead of -110 odds, we get +109 odds. So instead of netting $45.45 per winning wager, we get $54.54 instead.

How does that impact our overall total for 14 games and a 7-7 record? Well, instead of losing $31.85, we’ve now won $31.87.

And again, that’s if you just break even and go .500 for the weekend. Check out this chart to see the impact that profit boosts can have on your bottom line, no matter your picks record:

Picks recordWithout 20% profit boostsWith 20% profit boosts

Profit boosts over the long run

What kind of impact would these 20% profit boosts have over the course of a full season? What if you bet the WFT, Ravens, and every other game, week in and week out, with 20% boosts?

Again using a 7-7 record as a benchmark, we can simply add up the number of weeks to our weekly expectation of +$31.87.

So, theoretically, at the midpoint of the 18-week season, we’d have $286.83 in profit. For the full season, it would be $573.66.

But without the profit boosts, that profit would actually be a loss:

  • -$286.65 at midseason (a -$573.48 difference)
  • -$573.30 for the full season (-$1,146.96 difference)

Again, this example is simply using a .500 record. Or, basically, you’re making your selections by coinflip or just plain ol’ guessing.

Say, though, that you have a penchant for picking NFL winners. Even at a modest 8-6 clip each week, your full-season profit would go from $1,144.80 to $2,453.76 – an improvement of $1,309.96, or 114% better.

Again, your mileage will vary. Maybe you don’t bet all of the games. Maybe you don’t bet the full $50 allowed. But in the long run, even if you hit your bets at a 50% clip, the profit is there, all thanks to profit boosts.

BetRivers also offers weekly football profit boost

BetRivers VA also has 20% profit boosts available each week. However, unlike DraftKings, they’re limited to just one NFL or NCAA college football game.

Customers will receive one 20% profit boost token to use once they begin logging into the site or app on Tuesday. They then have just 24 hours to use it on a game. It’s BetRivers’ way of spurring some early bets on the pending weekend of football action.

The max bet size for the promotion is $25, and the max additional winnings are $250.

So, for example, you could bet on the Baltimore Ravens (1-1), who meet the Detroit Lions (0-2) in Michigan on Sunday (1 p.m., CBS).

As of Thursday afternoon, the Ravens were –8 favorites with -112 odds. However, you can get them -8 at +107 odds with the BetRivers profit boost.

Another way to use a profit boost is to “buy” to a key number. For example, if I look under the “Alternate Spread” menu for the Ravens game at DraftKings, I can choose Ravens -7. However, I have to lay some juice (-135) for that much-better line. However, with the profit boost, it goes from -135 to -114. It may not sound like much, but it’s a difference between $37.03 or $44.44 in potential profit. And best of all, I’m not getting -7 instead of that ugly -8.

Other sportsbooks are also busy in the profit boost game, including Caesars VA. The sportsbook (formerly William Hill VA) offers a steady stream of profit boosts, some of them as much as 50% – sometimes with limits up to $150.

So be sure to shop around. And we learned above, even a small boost can result in substantial winnings.


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