Pick 4 Fluke Gives VA Lottery Players 9-9-9-9 Reasons To Win

Written By Russ Mitchell on September 2, 2022
Pick 4 Virginia Lottery win

The name of the game is Pick 4, but as Virginia Lottery customers know, you don’t have to pick four different numbers to win.

And, it turns out, some folks like to keep things simple — as in 1-1-1-1 simple or 3-3-3-3 simple.

Or, how about 9-9-9-9 simple?

Wednesday afternoon, the “quadruple number” players got their big win when the Pick 4 drawing spit out all nines.

That’s the same number of absences Ferris Bueller had. The same number of kids retired NFL quarterback Philip Rivers has. And, if you waited a day to check your numbers, you checked them in the ninth month of the year.

So, how many 9-9-9-9 bettors were there Wednesday? Based on what the Virginia Lottery tells us, it sounds like a lot.

“Each $1 play with those exact winning numbers in the Aug. 31 day drawing is now worth $5,000. Players wagered a total of $451,628 and won a total of $8,750,000 in the drawing. Quadruple numbers tend to be very popular in the Pick 4 game and are, therefore, some of the most heavily wagered.”

So, yeah. The 9-9-9-9 anomaly will be a $8.75 million ding in the next Virginia Lottery revenue report. That’s the way the lotto ball bounces.

How the Virginia Lottery Pick 4 game works

Pick 4 is one of the state’s online games. You can play from anywhere in the state once you set up a Virginia Lottery account. Plus, the lottery throws some exclusive offers and promotions your way. The game has retail options, too.

Then you have to choose from numbers 0-9 four times. There’s an easy pick option if you want a computer to decide your Pick 4 digits.

  • It’s a twice-a-day lotto game so choose the day drawing, the night drawing or both.
  • Drawings are at 1:59 p.m. and 11 p.m. each day.
  • The exact number sequence carries the biggest payday, but the right numbers regardless of sequence can be a win, too.
  • Plays are $1 if you want a shot at a $5,000 win or 50 cents for a $2,500 top prize.
  • Double either play amount if you’d like the Pick 4 Fireball. The right Fireball can replace a bad number with a good one for a winning combination.
  • You can lock in your favorite numbers for up to 91 consecutive drawings at a time as well.

If you were one of Wednesday’s lucky Virginia winners, take your partner out to a nice restaurant.

When you do, make sure you’re dressed to the nines.

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