Virginia Lottery Halloween Games Lurk In The Dark, Ready To Be Scratched

Written By Marian Rosin on October 20, 2022 - Last Updated on December 7, 2022
Virginia Lottery Halloween

There’s nothing terrifying about Virginia Lottery Halloween games, even if the odds carry more tricks than treats when you play. Just use good judgment to keep the spooky fun from haunting your budget.

So, which Virginia Lottery Halloween plays are going bump in the night?

The Addams Family Game

It’s not creepy, kooky, or spooky. But the newest and most popular Virginia Lottery Halloween game carries some mystery while you wait to see if you’ve won the top prize of $60,000.

Each game starts with a 5X5 grid of symbols and a prize chart. If you reveal a cluster of three or more matching symbols on the 5X5 grid, you win the corresponding prize.

  • Matching symbols must be directly above, below, or to the left or right of another matching symbol.
  • If you find a prize cluster while a multiplier symbol appears, multiply your prize by that amount.
  • Three “Free Play” symbols unlock 10 free plays.
  • Three “Card Bonus” symbols unlock the Card Bonus game. Pick one card and get the revealed prize.
  • Three “Bonus Game” symbols unlock the Bonus Game. Select from eight tiles until “Collect” appears; win the total of the accumulated prize amounts.

Play purchase amounts range from 20 cents to $30. The odds of winning in The Addams Family Game are 1 in 4.62. The odds of winning the top jackpot of $60,000 land at 1 in 2,000,000.

Ghostbusters Cash Drop is another Virginia Lottery Halloween choice

What ya gonna play? Well, the Virginia Lottery launched this game launched in 2021. Winners claim $100,000 with the top prize. There’s nothing scary about that.

  • Each play displays a 5X3 symbol grid and a prize chart.
  • Press play to reveal 15 symbols. Uncover a cluster of three or more matching symbols to win the corresponding prize. (Each symbol must share a side with another matching symbol.)
  • New symbols replace the winning clusters. Then, keep playing until no more winning clusters are revealed.
  • This game features “multiplier” symbols to boost your winnings as well.
  • Three “Free Play” symbols mean 10 free plays.
  • Three “Bonus Game” symbols unlock the Bonus Game. Then, press “Go” to spin the wheel. If it stops on a prize, the player gets that prize. Players who catch “Level Up” can repeat the spin.
  • The game ends when a prize is awarded.

Play purchases range from 20 cents to $20. The odds of winning per game are 1 in 4.75. The odds of winning the top prize are 1 in 2,000,000.

Spooky Combos haunt October

This Halloween month instant game pays out a $100,000 top prize.

  • Each game features 15 symbols on a 5X3 board that expands when Board Expanding symbols appear.
  • A cluster of three or more matching symbols wins a prize. Symbols must be attached horizontally or vertically — diagonally doesn’t count.
  • New symbols replace winning clusters. A prize table reveals the corresponding prize.
  • Getting three “Free Play” symbols triggers five free plays. Play them in the last round.
  • Free Play rounds end when no more winning clusters appear.

Play purchases cost 50 cents to $20. The odds of winning a game are 1 in 3.81 (based on maximum possible tickets played). The odds of winning the top prize are 1 in 2,000,000 (based on highest possible price point played).

Virginia Lottery Halloween options include Wicked Cash

According to Virginia Lottery Director Kelly Gee, scratchers are the lottery’s most popular product. More than 5,300 retailers carry the games statewide.

This spooky game costs $2 per scratcher ticket and has three $10,000 top prizes remaining as of 10/20.

These prizes and some smaller ones remain as well:

  • $2,000 – 9 remaining
  • $500 – 68 remaining
  • $100 – 1,105 remaining
  • $40 – 4,238 remaining

Winter is coming … with more games

With Halloween almost in the rear-view mirror, game options will switch to winter festive themes. The Virginia Lottery’s John Hagerty told Play Virginia that holiday season-themed games have proven very popular. People often give them as gifts or stocking stuffers — but, as he pointed out, they should not be given to anyone younger than 18.

Virginia Lottery profits all go to schools. In the last budget year, the Virginia Lottery raised more than $779 million for K-12 education in the state.


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