VA Lottery Adds Ken, Ryu And Street Fighter II

Written By Russ Mitchell on August 26, 2022
Street Fighter II

The next Virginia Lottery winners could be Ryu, Blanka, Chin-Li … and you. Street Fighter II is coming to the commonwealth as the newest e-instant game.

Look for the game to launch Tuesday, Sept. 6, according to Virginia Lottery spokesperson John Hagerty.

How’s this for timing? The original Street Fighter marks its 35th anniversary in 2022. Street Fighter II debuted in 1991.

Round 1: Fight!


You win!

How to play an Virginia Lottery e-instant game

Think of e-instant games as interactive scratch tickets. The games are offered online at the Virginia Lottery website or on its app.

Since the games are digital, the Virginia Lottery can add bonus rounds to their games in real time.

“Each game has multiple prizes available, so players have control over how much they want to purchase,” Hagerty said.

Here’s how the game will work when it goes online:

  • Players need a cluster of three or more of the same symbol to win a prize.
  • Street Fighter II will feature multiple bonuses including an instant win bonus.
  • Players can win free games. Some plays include only high-paying and bonus symbols as well.

Beating the odds (and M. Bison) in Street Fighter II

The Virginia Lottery team is always looking for new exciting brands. This one is a throwback to summer days at the mall with food courts and a pocket full of coins at Aladdin’s Castle.

“We felt that Street Fighter was a very popular and highly recognizable video game franchise with decades of success,” Hagerty said.

The Virginia Lottery works with Instant Win Gaming (IWG) to develop games.

IWG reached out to Capcom to use Ken, E. Honda, Dhalsim and friends. IWG CEO Rhydian Fisher said IWG jumped at the potential partnership:

“It’s particularly gratifying when your lottery partner suggests a unique brand and we’re able to secure the rights.”

Rob Wesley, the Deputy Executive Director of Lottery in Virginia, expects strong sales when the game debuts.

“Street Fighter remains hugely popular with a loyal following,” he said.


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