Nationals 15K: You Might Have A $15 Free Bet In Your BetMGM Account

Written By Dann Stupp on August 11, 2021 - Last Updated on August 12, 2021
Nationals 15K

If you previously signed up for the Nationals 15K Promotion at BetMGM in Virginia, you might want to check your account.

After all, a $15 Free Bet should be sitting in your account right now.

It’s the result of the Washington Nationals beating the Atlanta Braves, this past Saturday, Aug. 7.

More specifically, it’s because Nationals pitchers combined to strike out at least 15 batters in the MLB game.

About the Nationals 15K promotion at BetMGM

Throughout the season, BetMGM has offered its Virginia sports bettors a $15 free bet every time the Nats pitchers register 15 Ks or more.

However, you have to formally opt-in for the Nationals 15K Promotion. Simply head to the Promotions page, look for the Nationals 15K logo, and be sure you’ve opted in.

If Washington hurlers do their part, you’ll get the free $15 bet in your account within 24 hours.

The free bet can be redeemed only online or via the BetMGM mobile app. It must also be used as a single bet within seven days of it being credited to your account.

As with most free bets, the value of your free bet won’t be included in any winnings.

Otherwise, just sit back, watch the Nationals, and hope that the pitchers can fan some foes before season’s end.

Are 15 strikeouts even possible?

So, how likely are Nationals pitchers to strike out 15 batters anyway?

Sure, it’s not exactly an everyday occurrence. However, it does happen with some regularity.

In 2021, the Nationals have struck out 15 or more opposing batters three times. The season-high of 17 came in a narrow May 8 loss to the New York Yankees.

Additionally, Washington came up just a bit short and scored 12-14 strikeouts on eight occasions.

Overall, BetMGM bettors who opted-in have scored a $15 free bet in approximately 3% of Nationals games – roughly once per month.

Here’s the breakdown, through Tuesday’s games:

  • 17 strikeouts: 1 (0.9% of 2021 games)
  • 16: 0 (0.0%)
  • 15: 2 (1.8%)
  • 14: 1 (0.9%)
  • 13: 6 (5.4%)
  • 12: 1 (0.9%)

Washington’s odds of hitting the 15K milestone took a recent hit thanks to the loss of Max Scherzer. The Nats dealt the three-time Cy Young Award, as well as speedy All-Start shortstop Trea Turner, to the Dodgers prior to MLB Trade Deadline.

The starter who most recently propelled Washington to 15Ks, Josiah Gray, registered 10 strikeouts during this past weekend’s start. He then got some help from the bullpen.

The rookie, who has just two career MLB starts, is back on the mound for Friday’s series opener at home against the Braves.

Photo by AP / Edward Pio Roda
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