Ranking Virginia Sportsbooks By Email Response Time

Written By Cole Rush on July 25, 2023
Ranking Virginia's sportsbooks in email response support.

How fast do Virginia sportsbooks respond when contacted through email? We put them to the test.

Some Virginia sports betting operators got back to us in a matter of minutes, while others took more than an hour. Overall, email proved to be an efficient way to get your questions answered in a timely manner.

So, here’s how we rank the Virginia sportsbooks on email support.

Virginia sportsbooks apply one of two email support options

There are currently 14 Virginia sports betting apps. Online betting began in the Commonwealth in January 2021.

Earlier this month, I spent an afternoon calling every VA sportsbook’s phone line to test their support. After a much-needed break from the world of customer support, I’m back now to give email support a try.

Every Virginia sportsbook offers email support in some form, so I sent messages to each one.

Sportsbooks in Virginia generally offer one of two email support options. Some use an email form, while others have an actual email address. Email forms require you to fill in some cursory information and detail your request, then submit your message and wait for a response. Sportsbooks with an email address let you simply email the support team with your request. I’ll dive into the advantages and setbacks of each method below.

One simple question asked of Virginia sportsbooks

First, let’s look at each sportsbook’s email support. To keep things consistent, I copied and pasted the exact same message to every Virginia sportsbook: What are your deposit and withdrawal limits? The question was intended to have a simple answer but leave plenty of room for agents to elaborate.

Keep in mind that your experience may vary based on the time of day and the scope of your issue.


Email address[email protected]
TIme emailed3 p.m.
Response time5 minutes

BetRivers VA had the fastest response time, but the separation between first and sixth place was a mere five minutes. Still, credit where it’s due. BetRivers got back to me in five minutes with an answer to my question. The agent told me the minimum deposit was $10 and that there is no maximum for withdrawals.

However, there’s a catch. I had to use the live chat feature to get the support email address in the first place. Once the agent gave it to me, I sent the email. The live chat barrier made the process slightly longer than necessary. Plus, the email ended with this:

“We do encourage you to keep in mind our Live Chat feature. It is the quickest method for instant response! It is also available 7 days a week. However, if you prefer, you can always respond to this email.”

As I discovered in the phone support tests, sportsbooks push the live chat option whenever possible.

Despite a few minor setbacks, BetRivers rises to the top thanks to its helpful response and fast reply.

Hard Rock Bet

SportsbookHard Rock Bet
Email address[email protected]
TIme emailed3 p.m.
Response time6 minutes

In terms of sheer response time, Hard Rock Bet comes in second at six minutes. Extra props are in order because that response time came on the same day as the sportsbook’s rebrand to Hard Rock Bet.

All fine and dandy, but there was a big barrier to entry here. The email I received six minutes after my first message asked for my registered email address, the last four digits of my Social Security Number and the payment method I preferred. Even though sportsbooks have this information from the account creation process, I didn’t want to send it via email.

Still, the quick response was encouraging, and I imagine Hard Rock Bet would’ve replied swiftly had I provided the requested details.


Email address[email protected]
TIme emailed3 p.m.
Response time7 minutes

PointsBet responded in a lightning-fast seven minutes. Respect.

The response, however, was hilariously incorrect. The agent claimed that the maximum for deposits and withdrawals is $5. I know that to be untrue (you can withdraw higher amounts at PointsBet), but it wasn’t a big concern.

New bettors, though, might take that misinformation as fact, which is disappointing.


Email formClick here
TIme emailed2 p.m.
Response time9 minutes

Though it doesn’t quite reach the top of the “response time” list, DraftKings VA was my favorite email support channel to interact with. This is thanks wholly to the quality of the help I received and the go-get-em attitude of the responding agent. DraftKings sent me a link to their FAQ page about minimums and maximums, which clearly listed the information about each payment method.

The representative then kindly offered to help me with any further issues if I replied to the email.

Sports Illustrated

SportsbookSports Illustrated
Email formClick here
TIme emailed2:03 p.m.
Response time10 minutes

Sports Illustrated responded in 10 minutes and provided answers to my questions both within the email and via a link to more information. It was a completely pleasant and fast interaction.


Email address[email protected]
TIme emailed3 p.m.
Response time14 minutes

Betfred’s customer service agent offered a detailed answer to my question, outlining deposit minimums for popular methods such as bank transfer, credit/debit, and PayPal. They also explained that withdrawals must be processed through the same payment method, though, there is no withdrawal limit.

High-quality help from Betfred. No complaints!


Email address[email protected]
TIme emailed3 p.m.
Response time18 minutes

I waited 18 minutes for a response from bet365 VA, but I almost deleted the message without noticing because the email address looked particularly spammy. That’s my only complaint about bet365.

Otherwise, the help was fine. The agent explained that deposit and withdrawal limits change based on payment method. I would’ve preferred a link to specifics or a few examples.


Email formClick here
TIme emailed2:02 p.m.
Response time31 minutes

Take the FanDuel VA response time of 31 minutes with a grain of salt. I accidentally routed my question to the casino customer service team, and it took a little while for a sportsbook customer representative to respond.

Once they did, they asked for the payment method I’d like to know about. In the interest of testing the response, I told them I was looking for Venmo and PayPal limits. The agent responded with the exact information I needed after about an hour from there.


Email address[email protected]
TIme emailed3 p.m.
Response time53 minutes

Betway VA provided exactly the answer I was looking for without any frills or links, which is the most I could hope for. The agent clearly listed the deposit minimum and maximum ($5 and $10,000 if you’re curious) and did the same for withdrawals ($10 and $50,000 per transaction).

No other sportsbook was this clear-cut in their response to my email. Even though 53 minutes is on the slower end compared to other sportsbooks on this list, Betway’s answer more than makes up for the delay with the quality of its response.


Email formClick here
TIme emailed2:02 p.m.
Response time1 hour 28 minutes

Unibet took under two hours to get back to me, and their response was completely satisfactory. Slow and steady wins the race in this case!


Email address[email protected]
TIme emailed3 p.m.
Response time1 hour 42 minutes

WynnBET took slightly longer than Unibet at one hour, 42 minutes. The answer was detailed, covering my question and then some.


Email form
TIme emailed2:03 p.m.
Response time2 hours 57 minutes

The response from Caesars VA came by way of an “adminsupport” email address, which was off-putting, especially for such a recognizable brand name. Further, the response time was nearly three hours.

The response was great, though. IT highlighted the minimums and maximums and offered a link to more information. It included a slight nudge at the end, saying I could reply for more help or use live chat.


Email formClick here
TIme emailed1:59 p.m.
Response time1 day, 2 hours

BetMGM VA barely scrapes its way past last place with a response time longer than one day. The answer left a lot to be desired, too.

“Please be advised deposit and withdrawal limits are dependent on the payment method being used.”

The agent didn’t offer any clarification or links to exact limits per payment method. BetMGM was by far the worst in terms of the help it provided. The slow response time exacerbated the issue.


Email form
TIme emailed3 p.m.
Response timeNo response yet

Barstool has an email form. I submitted my request and immediately received a confirmation that they were working on it. As of this writing, I still haven’t heard back.

Email forms or email addresses: Which is better?

Of the top five sportsbook email support response times, three came from direct email addresses, while two came from email forms. There’s not enough of a difference for either one to be objectively better.

In most cases, you’ll get an automated email immediately after you send your request confirming the sportsbook support team has received it, regardless of the method you used.

When should you use email support?

If you have an issue or question that isn’t particularly pressing, email support is an easy way to get help.

Whereas live chat requires you to be online and threatens to close your session if you go inactive, email requests are easy to send, forget about and wait for a response.

For the most part, Virginia sportsbooks clearly list email support channels on their help pages. A few of them require further digging (such as BetRivers), but every sportsbook in the state has some form of email support.

That is more than we can say for support via phone.

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