PointsBet Offer: Virginia Bettors Get Up To $2,000 In Bonus Bets

Written By Dann Stupp on December 16, 2021 - Last Updated on June 25, 2024
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With the initial PointsBet offer for new customers, you can get score some major bonus bets from the newest Virginia sportsbook.

PointsBet launched in VA on Thursday. It became the 11th VA sportsbook operator to go live since the commonwealth ushered in legal sports betting on Jan. 21.

Since that time, those sportsbooks have canvassed Old Dominion with sign-up offers and other promotions.

But this PointsBet offer, which could be worth up to $2,000, is now one of the biggest on the market.

Two ways to score with PointsBet offer

This PointsBet offer is for new customers only. With promo code “BETBONUS,” you have two ways to take advantage of the deal.

First, if you make a fixed-odds wager, you’ll get up to $500 back if it loses. Hence, the “bonus” part of the deal.

Plus, you get the same deal if you make a “PointsBetting” wager (more on that below). Except instead of getting up to $500 back, you get up to $1,500 back.

For both bet types, any refunds will be paid as bonus bets. PointsBet will issue them within 24 hours of your original bet(s) settling.

Only your first wager of each type is eligible for the bonus bet promotion.

Be sure to check out the PointsBet app or website for full details.

What is ‘PointBetting’ at PointsBet?

With nearly a dozen Virginia sportsbooks and many more elsewhere in the US, it’s hard to stand out in the crowd.

When push comes to shove, most of the sportsbooks are the same aside, perhaps, from a little makeup and window-dressing.

But With “PointsBetting,” the Australian-based PointsBet brought something pretty cool to the domestic market.

If you’ve ever made an over-under bet, you’ve probably either won or lost by substantial margins at times. You’ve then probably pondered the idea of a “totals” payout that uses a sliding scale. In other words, you win more if the team easily hits the over – or you lose more if you come up way short. You win or lose based on how good or bad your prediction was.

That, in essence, is the basis of “PointsBetting,” which pays out based on the margin of victory or defeat.

PointsBet offers PointsBetting in a variety of markets. However, in the example of a totals wager, you would get:

  • 1x your bet if your wager wins by 1 point
  • 2x your bet if your wager wins by 2 points
  • 10x your bet if your wager wins by 10 points
  • -1x your bet if your wager loses by 1 point
  • -10x your bet if your wager loses by 10 points

The PointsBet website has a nifty tool to see how it works in action. But as you can see, this type of bet has the potential for wildly varying results.

For example:

Exiting? Yes. Risky? Also, yes.

Just be sure you’re having fun and only risking what you’re comfortable losing. If so, PointsBetting could be a fun new option for your sports betting options in Virginia.

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